Home Care Price List - Victoria

July 2021 to June 2022

Home & Community
Support Services
Domestic Care /Personal Care /
Respite Care / Child Care /
Community Access /
Post-Acute Care / Dementia Care
(per hour)
From 6am to 8pm
$59.40$74.45 $87.10
45-minute shift
(Personal Care Only)
$52.50 $60.35 $71.55
Night Care (per hour)
From 8pm – 6am
Overnight Care
10 Hours Sleepover (2 hours active)
12 Hours Sleepover (4 hours active)
Price per Shift
Live in Care
24 Hour Shift (8 hours active)
Price per Shift
Per Hour (plus cost of materials &/or rubbish/waste removal)
Home Maintenance
Electrical/Aircon. /Alarm/General
Quoted PriceQuoted PriceQuoted Price
Spring Clean (Min. 3 hours)
Per Hour
$95.00 POAPOA
Spring Clean (Min. 3 hours)
Per Hour
Package Day Deals
From 6am to 8pm
4 block hours
(4 continuous block hours for 1 shift)
(saving $10)
(saving $10)
(saving $10)
6 block hours
(6 continuous block hours for 1 shift)
(saving $15)
(saving $15)
(saving $15)
8 block hours
(8 continuous block hours for 1 shift)
(saving $20)
(saving $20)
(saving $20)
Nursing Services
& Pallative Care
Per Hour
Per Hour
Per Hour
Enrolled Nurse
From 6am to 8pm
From 8pm – 6am
Overnight Care and 24 Hour Care
Registered Nurse
From 6am to 8pm
From 8pm – 6am
Overnight Care and 24 Hour Care
Other ServicesWeekdaySaturdaySunday
Coordinator Telephone Check-Ins
(Any time of day as required)
$10.00$10.00 $10.00
Emergency Call Outs
(e.g. less than 1 hour notice) Once off fee
Travel Charges
(Plus tolls and parking)
$1.40 per KM $1.40 per KM$1.40 per KM

Allied Health Price List

July 2020 to June 2021

Allied Health ServicesPrice per Consult
Physiotherapy (per consult)
Initial Consultation (60 mins approx.)
Occupational Therapy
Comprehensive Assessment (per hour)
Plus, Kilometers
Speech Therapy (per consult)
Initial Consultation (45mins approx.)
Standard Consultation (30mins approx.)
Podiatry (per consult)
Within 15mins from nearest local clinic
Within 30mins from nearest local clinic
Massage Therapy
Consultation (per hour)

Note: Guardian Network reserves the right to review pricing in line with any Wage Awards increase.

Pricing Information

  • For all services the minimum service per visit is a 45 minutes with fifteen minute increments thereafter.
  • Where staff use their own car on behalf of a client travel charges as per the schedule above will be applied.
  • Emergency call outs shall incur a call-out charge prior to the normal rates being applied for the duration of the shift applicable to the time of day.
  • In certain situations where continuous client management and care is needed, above those stated are required during an Overnight or Live in Care shift then portion of the shift will be deemed active and hourly rate will be applicable.
  • Guardian Network reserves the right to review pricing in line with any Wage Awards increase.

Description of Services

Personal Care refers to assistance with self-care tasks such as showering, grooming, food preparation, shopping, transport and assistance with mobility.
Respite Care refers to care provided to a client to allow the usual caregiver or family member to have a break from their caring responsibilities.
Domestic Care refers to household activities like cleaning, dishwashing, clothes washing and ironing.
Nursing Services refers to professional health care provided by a Registered Nurse or an Enrolled Nurse.
Community Access refers to organized transportation for a client whereby they may access the community.
Post-Acute refers to both long and short term recovery in which we coordinate with medical professionals to provide a comfortable level of care.
Child Care refers to the provision of care services to minors below the age of eighteen.
Disability Care refers assistance and re-enablement programs with a wide range of disabilities.
Dementia Care refers to professional care for suffers of dementia.

Quality of Services

Guardian Network is committed to providing you with the highest standard of quality in the services we provide. We greatly appreciate your feedback as this helps us to improve our services. As a Guardian Network client you have the right to raise issues or concerns without your access to services being compromised. All concerns and complaints are treated in confidence and any positive feedback is also appreciated.

If you have any concerns, complaints or compliments with regard to the quality of care and services you receive or the way in which your personal or health information has been handled, please contact a Guardian Network team leader who will investigate and work with you to find a suitable solution.

Privacy of Information

Guardian Network respects your right to privacy and we are committed to managing personal health information in a respectful way in accordance with legislation. When we are planning service delivery we collect a range of personal health information. This information enables us to provide our clients with appropriate care and services.

Public Holidays

The statutory public holidays are determined and governed by the Business Victoria website at the following link CLICK HERE

Goods & Services Tax

GST has been excluded from all prices presented in the schedule above. GST generally applies to all services purchased by another organization on behalf of clients. Clients purchasing services directly from Guardian Network for Home Care, Domestic Care, Gardening, Property Maintenance and Other Services will be charged GST. *Private clients are generally exempt from paying GST on all personal care services.

Service Cancellation

Guardian Network provides a dependable and reliable service to clients, however has a responsibility and commitment to staff requirements as well. We therefore require a minimum of three hours’ notice of a cancellation or a charge at full cost for the full service booked will apply. Guardian Networks standard business hours are 7.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 7:30am – 4:00pm Saturday, Sunday and public Holidays